India Xweets & Xpices

Variety, taste, colour and texture are the main drawcords of Indian sweets. They’re also key ingredients to the new album “India Xweets & Xpices” by Povan Beats and Spanix Graza.

A kind of funked-up westside music box of melancholic sounds stolen from old Indian records – all with a distinctly cinematic sound -the album boasts a large selection of 30 succinct, succulent tracks.

Born and raised in San Francisco Bay, artist Povan tells me: “My influences are Radiohead, J Dilla, and Flying Lotus just to name a few. But I basically listen to everything and my goal is to infuse all cultures and music into one eventually in my own quirky way.”

“That’s what I tried to do with my friend Spanix Graza on this album take something like old Indian records that were quite cliché in a lot of ways and make it into something soulful and unique.”

Of note, track “Japanese Punjabi” tip toes into a vortex of ambient techno psychedelia and “PooPoo Plate” heralds the angelic cry of Indian singers whirling like dervishes behind hip hop MC and something that sounds redolent of a bumble bee.

It’s Devika Rani (early Indian movie star) meets [adult swim bump]. If you like flowing motions, cinematic soundscapes, with a spicy yet saccharine twist, then this is an album for you.

Download it here.


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