One in a Million

Successful fashion labels outside London are one in a million. So I do really love hearing about cool style happenings outside the big smoke.

Millionhands is a fledgling British label that started life in 2009. They produce screen-printed tees and have a seaside HQ in Hove rather than Holland Park.

What a good idea… J’adore!

The tee pictured has been designed in collaboration with techno record label, Planet E. It comes in 100 per cent organic cotton and is Fair Wear certified and sweat shop free.

To see the full range of Millionhands T-shirts including further collaborations with Heavenly Jukebox, Oslo’s Smalltown Supersound, Chicago Acid House hero Adonis and musical duo Mock & Toof visit


One thought on “One in a Million

  1. Grant

    Hove as in Brighton?still the South so its virtually an extension of like this t-shirt.they should get all inmates to wear them.or you should get one to count the days until your return to the ‘big smoke’.3 days. i found a small independent clothes label in Leicester once. it was called ‘get me out of here!!!’

    i like clothes that i know haven’t been put together by an 11 year old in an Indonesian sweat shop. i like a clothing company called ‘Toffs’ in Newcastle. stands for ‘the old fashioned football shirt’ company.does exactly what it says on the tin. tey make replica football shirts in the style of how they were exactly in the 50’s until the 90’s roughly.went with my friend Simon in 2004.we were like kids in a candy store.went again in 2006 but the shop hasd closed due to most sales being online.i got 3 cheap shirts (15 squid each) due to negligable defects (a 1970 Brazil top had a miniscule black mark on it). anyway, thats enough from’d think i was posting on my own blog.

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