Soft cell

On a recent trip to London a hedonistic night out ended up with a night in a cell.

It was no ordinary cell of course. I was staying at Clink78, a Victorian courthouse reformed into a boutique hostel complete with disco lights and graffiti walls.

Based in Bloomsbury, and near King’s Cross station, it’s the perfect place to experience the boldness of 21st century design combined with Victorian architecture.

The restored 200 year old courthouse is classified as an English Heritage building due to its front entrance, reception, 2 original courtrooms and 7 original prison cells.

Today, it offers backpackers a cheap, chic boutique hostel experience which is like living in a Noble & Webster artwork with some punk past credientials.

Clink backpackers is proud to have amazing settings such as the TV lounge Courtroom so you can chill out where The Clash were on trial. And an Internet Courtroom so you can write your own story from the place that inspired Charles Dickens to create Oliver Twist!

For more information visit

Photos by Chet Patel


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