Eau De Ranged for her // Eu De Luded for him

the newly launched “MAD-TO-ORDER” fragrances from MEDFED

For her
A scent of insanity that’ll be seductive to those who smoke skunk and snort cocaine. Layered with heavy top notes of bananas, it takes you to the tropics for a dance with delusions and a boogie with everything bonkers. The bottom notes are more subtle and comprise coconuts to add a warm and cosy echo of prescriptive sedation. This fragrance is rounded off with intrusive mid notes of peanuts which create confusion with an essence of something altogether more savoury, even “street”.

For him
Packed with 100 per cent pure nut oil, this fragrance acts as a jack in the box – the moment you open the lid, is the moment the thick and heavy scent of nuts hits your nasal passages. Deeply sexual and perverted it gives rise to a mix of feelings and physical reactions ranging from despair, heightened arousal and gagging reflexes. In short, the fragrance moves with you and acts like a mirror of your inner culture and desires as everyone’s reaction is very different. You might laugh. Perhaps cry. Maybe get laid. One things for sure – you’ll be rolling on the floor.

Fun, bright and happy, MEDFED uses the light-hearted medium of fashion to contrast greying, bleak stereotypes of mental healthers which are portrayed in the media. The inspiration for these fragrances are derived from lively stories of madness such as Park Chan-Wook’s film I’m a Cyborg but that’s Okay and Bounce, a hip hop and street dance reinterpretation of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.


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