Make A List & Make It Happen!

Croc notepad
For me the “to do” list is an important way to track ambitions, and weekly goals and make them happen! I keep them in a handwritten journal.

Today I got a lovely chocolate croc leather notepad from Pen Heaven to do just this. I have leather journals going back to January 2011 to track my progress and it’s great to look back over the years and see the goals and ambitions I’ve achieved and what I still need to do.

According to many studies, just a few minutes of handwriting a day, collecting your thoughts and jotting them down, can be an effective way of relieving stress and helping you unwind.

I chose Pen Haven for my new journal as they have a wonderful campaign on right now – they’ve just launched a new Handwriting Matters campaign to proliferate handwriting and the teaching of it in schools (Finland has already agreed to drop teaching handwriting from their curriculum next year!)

So here’s to my new journal – as yet a blank canvas. I can’t help but be optimistic about what ends up filling these Italian leather pages!


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