Crocs the dignified footwear of choice

We all know that owning a pair of Crocs is your entry pass to being uncool. Who can forget the viral image stating that the holes in Crocs are where your dignity seeps out? But what is cool? Is there an item you can own that will make you the envy of your friends? How about a fridge always stocked with Vintage Cristal or a Chanel makeup bag stuffed with Mac cosmetics?


The truth is that cool and its definition can be tricky but need not cost the Earth. Cool can be found in the history of the swinging Sixties, with its round John Lennon shades and freaky hair. It’s through the eyes of the filmmaker who pans her camera over a Parisian street at midnight. Kelis got it right, too – we can find cool in a milkshake!

Trends come and go but cool is timeless and meaningful to the wearer. One of the things I was taught at Chelsea College of Art is that cool, like good art, is always personal. Being cool is being yourself and not following everyone else.

I’ve heard it said that “if you stand still long enough you always come back into fashion”.

So maybe I’ll just put my Crocs at the back of the wardrobe for now.


You never know when the embarrassing item you hide under your bed might be in Vogue again and if you keep hold of it for the future you can always say you started a trend next time round!

{Since writing this for designer Christopher Kane has put Crocs on the catwalk for SS17 – see image…}


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