Crocs the dignified footwear of choice

We all know that owning a pair of Crocs is your entry pass to being uncool. Who can forget the viral image stating that the holes in Crocs are where your dignity seeps out? But what is cool? Is there an item you can own that will make you the envy of your friends? How about a fridge always stocked with Vintage Cristal or a Chanel makeup bag stuffed with Mac cosmetics?


The truth is that cool and its definition can be tricky but need not cost the Earth. Cool can be found in the history of the swinging Sixties, with its round John Lennon shades and freaky hair. It’s through the eyes of the filmmaker who pans her camera over a Parisian street at midnight. Kelis got it right, too – we can find cool in a milkshake!

Trends come and go but cool is timeless and meaningful to the wearer. One of the things I was taught at Chelsea College of Art is that cool, like good art, is always personal. Being cool is being yourself and not following everyone else.

I’ve heard it said that “if you stand still long enough you always come back into fashion”.

So maybe I’ll just put my Crocs at the back of the wardrobe for now.


You never know when the embarrassing item you hide under your bed might be in Vogue again and if you keep hold of it for the future you can always say you started a trend next time round!

{Since writing this for designer Christopher Kane has put Crocs on the catwalk for SS17 – see image…}


Past my Shades – Le Spec’s Savanna sunglasses


There was a time in my early twenties, I’d get in the office every morning hungover… you couldn’t see past my shades (rendered nicely here by B.O.B. Ft Lupe Fiasco)

I just couldn’t bear the eye contact sans the morning-after-the-night-before, nor the eye contact of disapproving colleagues.


Today I still wear my shades inside, whatever the weather – not because I’m a douche, but because I like them so much!

My favourite pair right now are these Le Specs Savanna Outsized sunnies. They come in mock/heavy-duty plastic tortoise-shell and give the impression of ‘cat eyes’ that make the boys go weak.


Pick a pair up in the Jules B sale here.

John Prescott’s Christmas crombie chic

Here comes the hotstepper

Here’s a Christmas ogle for the ladies – John Prescott models the latest looks and oh my! what an underrated style icon he is..

Sporting a slightly windswept look and smouldering grin, the festive-spirited silverfox is raising money as part of The Daily Mirror campaign to improve the lives of Britain’s older people this winter.

Both Prezza and The Mirror have joined forces with charity Age UK to call for more support for older people during the colder months through Age UK’s Spread the Warmth Campaign.

From providing everything from emergency food packages, blankets and heaters to energy-efficiency advice, heating and grants to home visits, Age UK aims to make winter warmer for 360,000 older people across the country.

A host of celebrities are backing Age UK’s campaign by donating their own coats for anyone to buy from this online auction.
Prescott’s crombie is everything a loved one could want for the New Year – embossed and blessed by a great man!

Bid now on eBay.

Eau De Ranged for her // Eu De Luded for him

the newly launched “MAD-TO-ORDER” fragrances from MEDFED

For her
A scent of insanity that’ll be seductive to those who smoke skunk and snort cocaine. Layered with heavy top notes of bananas, it takes you to the tropics for a dance with delusions and a boogie with everything bonkers. The bottom notes are more subtle and comprise coconuts to add a warm and cosy echo of prescriptive sedation. This fragrance is rounded off with intrusive mid notes of peanuts which create confusion with an essence of something altogether more savoury, even “street”.

For him
Packed with 100 per cent pure nut oil, this fragrance acts as a jack in the box – the moment you open the lid, is the moment the thick and heavy scent of nuts hits your nasal passages. Deeply sexual and perverted it gives rise to a mix of feelings and physical reactions ranging from despair, heightened arousal and gagging reflexes. In short, the fragrance moves with you and acts like a mirror of your inner culture and desires as everyone’s reaction is very different. You might laugh. Perhaps cry. Maybe get laid. One things for sure – you’ll be rolling on the floor.

Fun, bright and happy, MEDFED uses the light-hearted medium of fashion to contrast greying, bleak stereotypes of mental healthers which are portrayed in the media. The inspiration for these fragrances are derived from lively stories of madness such as Park Chan-Wook’s film I’m a Cyborg but that’s Okay and Bounce, a hip hop and street dance reinterpretation of One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.

Clarks have designs on the desert

My article published in Fused.

Get your swagger on like the best music moguls in the business with a pair of Clarks desert boots. Ghostface Killah named an album after his Wallabees and Jay Z headlined Glastonbury in his. Modfather Paul Weller, Blur and Dizzee Rascal have all deserted their usual footwear in favour of this cool Clarks classic.

Indeed, the influence of the Clarks Desert boot has traveled Sahara wide since it was designed by Nathan Clark in Burma in 1949. He was serving with the West African Brigade at the time. The inspiration came from a crepe-soled boot made out of rough suede popular in Cairo’s Old Bazaar. Then, the footwear of choice for off-duty Eighth Army officers, it was the boot’s simple line and conspicuous comfort that struck a chord with Nathan, a chord that, 60 years later, still sweeps like a sand-storm through wardrobes all over the world.

Over 60 long years after its debut, the Desert Boot lives on like Tutankhamun’s mask, but instead encasing some of the world’s most sought after feet. And this season you can even don a pair by Mr Swagger himself – the ones pictured are designed by Liam Gallagher for his Pretty Green label. They’re like finding an Oasis in the Kalahari.

Ice cream dream

I scream, you scream. We all scream, for ice cream!

It’s the perfect day for a Mr Whippy. And now you can bring some sunny summer fun into your home too with this handmade ice cream cushion, by the lovely BirdieGingham of Birmingham.

It’s made from pink taffeta with an envelope closure, and trimmed in handmade yellow taffeta bias binding. And the ice cream is fashioned from white fleece and topped with a brown cotton embroidered flake.

It’s currently on offer, a snip – or rather a whip! – at £18.

One in a Million

Successful fashion labels outside London are one in a million. So I do really love hearing about cool style happenings outside the big smoke.

Millionhands is a fledgling British label that started life in 2009. They produce screen-printed tees and have a seaside HQ in Hove rather than Holland Park.

What a good idea… J’adore!

The tee pictured has been designed in collaboration with techno record label, Planet E. It comes in 100 per cent organic cotton and is Fair Wear certified and sweat shop free.

To see the full range of Millionhands T-shirts including further collaborations with Heavenly Jukebox, Oslo’s Smalltown Supersound, Chicago Acid House hero Adonis and musical duo Mock & Toof visit

Black is back

Fantastically dark, and frantically fast, this is the new film of Belle Sauvage’s FW 11 range. Titled Self-Similarity, it’s inspired by their last show at London Fashion Week.

And with the label’s fans including Gaga, Florence Welch, Juliette Lewis, Katy Perry and LaRoux amongst others, you can rest assured Belle Sauvage is fast becoming established as the edgy brand du jour.